The Nevada Wild Bunch Two Hour Ride

Two hour horseback rides for Only $85.00! You have to provide you own transportation. There is nothing more fun than riding with a good horse under you! We have good looking and well trained horses, as well as child friendly horses; everyone gets riding instruction before we go out. The Nevada Wild Bunch Ride is enjoyable for both, novice or experienced riders. There is a choice of a two hour morning ride for those morning people or an evening two hour ride that includes a beautiful Nevada sunset! The horses are saddled and ready to go; just put your foot in the stirrup and let’s ride!!! Yee Haw Cowboys and Cowgirls we are THE NEVADA WILD BUNCH!!!
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Las Vegas Horseback Riding Tours

We are now offering our Wyatt Earp’s OK Corral Adventure: A private ride for a couple or your own group, two hours in the saddle, morning or sunset time, like riding in a western movie! (saddle bag lunch is optional) Hotel pickup included! $199.00 each person. BONUS VIP TICKETS TO STONEYS BAR right on the Strip!
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Take Advantage of our MORNING and EVENING rides now so Book your Horseback Riding Tour TODAY!

Las Vegas Horseback Riding Tours Sand & Sage Tours is nestled in the shadows of the mountains on the west side and on the east, which makes for a breathtaking sunsets regardless of the time of year. This western country has alot of history and we love to share it with you!
The guests are warmly greeted by a friendly cowboy or cowgirl and horses are selected by our courteous and knowledgeable staff that is ready to insure you with a safe and memorable ride. Each horse is carefully selected for whatever level of experience you may have, even if you have never ridden a horse!Everyone mounts and after a mini riding lesson; hit the trail with a gusty YEE HAW !!!! Well, folks; we are looking forward to you coming out to ride with us, the food is hot and the horses are saddled, lets ride! Las Vegas Horseback Riding

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Jesse James Sunset Steak Dinner Ride

Horseback Riding Tours
This is the Ol’ Jessie James Sunset Ride with a finger lickin steak dinner. Naw, we do have forks! And potato, corn, salad, beans, rolls, butter and apple pie.
Las vegas horseback tours
There’s nothing like a sunset on horseback out west. Sand and Sage Tours offers you the Jesse James Ride! If you like horses and the great outdoors and are romantic, you will love this evening we have diligently planned for you. We start by picking you up at your hotel(CALL FOR PICKUP TIMES) with a pleasant ride just 30 minutes west of the fantastic Las Vegas Strip.
horseback riding las vegas
Within approximately 30 minutes you will be at the trailhead. Hey! Look at that herd of horses! Upon arriving at the trailhead the guests are warmly greeted by cowboys and cowgirls eager to share their way of life with these special guests. Now its time for the riding lesson and to mount up on these beautiful horses, ready to hit the trail?
vegas horseback tours
Look at that sunset! There is nothing prettier than a Nevada Sunset. Riding for two hours in the saddle gives you a real taste of the ol’ west. Speaking of taste, what is that wonderful aroma? My steak cooking! Boy, I am hungry! The guest hurry with good food on their minds and good food they get! Apple pie for dessert! Oh did I forget the main course? How about steak, salad, corn, potato, rolls, butter, and grilled chicken for those that don’t eat red meat?

Internet SPECIAL ONLY $149.00 per person

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The sky looks like blue velvet with a million diamonds nestled in its folds. A coyote howls in the near distance as we tell our horses goodbye we head down the road to the glitter of Las Vegas and glitter it does. Our cowboys and cowgirls will have givin you memorable western hospitality and a fun filled evening. Approximately 5.0 hrs from hotel pickup to hotel drop-off.

Internet SPECIAL ONLY $149.00 per person

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Doc Holliday Breakfast Adventure Horseback Tour

Horseback riding tours      For those of you that prefer a morning ride and like to start your day early and enjoy the morning air, this ride is for you! This is our morning ride with a hearty breakfast.
We offer The Doc Holiday adventure with a hearty cowboy breakfast of flap jacks, sausage and orange juice.

     We pick you up right at the hotel you are staying (CALL FOR PICKUP TIMES) then head out to the trailhead, driving west of Las Vegas through rolling hills and a beautiful view of the nearby mountains to the Sand and Sage Tour Site.

     When you arrive at the trailhead the cowboys and cowgirls will be putting the finishing touches to the horses. You will be greeted with a smile as big as Texas, and treated with the true Western hosptality that only a Nevadan knows how to give. Approximately 5.0 hrs from hotel pickup to hotel drop-off.

Internet SPECIAL ONLY $109.00 per person
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Dalton Gang Excursion Horseback Ride with BBQ Lunch

     The Dalton Gang excursion with BBQ lunch ride at Sand and Sage Tours is a very popular ride especially for winter, spring and fall(summer we will pick you as early as the breakfast ride but will feed you lunch after the early ride), as you get the warmth of a beautiful desert day. We pick you up at the hotel where you are staying(CALL FOR PICKUP TIMES), head west toward the trailhead, which is a pleasant 30 minute drive and where you can see farther than you ever dreamed. Upon arriving at the trailhead you will meet the horse you are riding and mount up for a memorable two hour ride!

Las Vegas Horseback Tours

INTERNET SPECIAL ONLY $109.00 per person
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The Dalton Gang excursion with BBQ lunch is for you;  ribs, chicken, potato salad, baked beans and apple pie.

     Our cowboy or cowgirl chef will have a nice lunch prepared for you. The menu includes grilled chicken, ribs cooked on the grill with hearty helpings of potato salad, baked beans, bread & butter and soft drinks. Don’t forget dessert! How about apple pie? Um um good! There is just something about eating outdoors that makes the food taste better! Well, cowboys and cowgirls its time to head back to the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, sure was fun to ride where the wild country out west is untouched by man and the Native American is still here. This is a great day, one to remember for a very long time. Approximately 5.0 hrs from hotel pickup to hotel drop-off

INTERNET SPECIAL ONLY $109.00 per person
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Sundance Kid & Butch Cassidy Overnight Adventure

horseback tours las vegas
     Have you ever dreamed of riding out west, with a good horse under you, eat steak and sleep under the stars just like the cowboys did? Well here’s your chance. Sand and Sage Tours is offering a overnight trip by horseback.
     We pick you up at your hotel (CALL FOR PICKUP TIMES) and head to the Sand and Sage Tours Trailhead – you will see a gorgeous sunset on horseback and then in campsite your cowboy or cowgirl wrangler will set up camp and start a meal you will enjoy to the fullest. Steak – chicken – vegetables and bread & butter and a yummy apple pie dessert. As you settle for the night – and you’ll see stars you forgot existed!
horseback riding

SPECIAL ONLY $399.00 per person
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     The next morning starts off with the smell of sausage in the skillet & flap-jacks are being flipped over in your plate. After breaking camp we’ll hit the trail just like Butch and Sundance did and enjoy a beautiful ride back to the trailhead. Then we will load you back into the van and you will arrive back at the "Las Vegas Strip" approximately at 10:00am. Approximately 20.0 hrs from hotel pickup to hotel drop-off.

Married on horseback on the trail!

     Getting married in Las Vegas is an exciting thing to do. They say there’s a little cowboy in all of us. A wedding on horseback under a beautiful Nevada sky on the trail at Sand and Sage Tours; would be unbelievably spiritual and memories that last forever.

     Adding a sunset ride and steak dinner is just the clincher. You will be picked up at your hotel (CALL FOR PICKUP TIMES), flowers for the bride, beautiful wedding cake and champagne. We will arrange the minister as well on horseback. All done up with some geniune western hospitality.

weddings on horseback
married on horseback
  • Sunset Steak Dinner
  • 2-Hour Ride
  • Bouquet for the Bride (Roses or Wild Flowers)
  • Small, Classy Wedding Cake w/Bride & Groom
  • Bottle of Champagne (non alcoholic)
  • We provide the minister on horseback

Price for Package – $979.00 (price does not include gratuity)
Extra guests add $149.00

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